Tips On How To Write An Impressive Essay Introduction

After noting down your title, the essay introduction paragraph is the next thing you are to write. It sets the tone of your paper and helps readers to determine if reading your work will make sense to them. Your introduction can make or break your essay. So put in your best when writing it. Here are tips to write the introductory part of your paper and impress your readers.

The points to note down when writing essay introduction outline

When writing your introduction, consider these three tips.

  • Introduce the topic in an exciting way
  • Grab readers’attention with a hook
  • Present your stance on your topic of discussion (thesis)

Again, another thing you will notice in well-written essay introduction samples is the structure. They are concise, but those authors can pass on their message and grab readers’ attention.

3 Steps to draft a perfect introduction with ease

What makes an essay introduction structure work? Here are the few key points to take note of when drafting your introduction.

  1. Make the opening lines catchy.
  2. What can you make of great essay introductions? What differentiates them from the one you wrote? Their opening lines are catchy and easy to recall. Remember your introduction sets the tone of the entire paper and makes readers want more.

    You can make your opening lines catchy and exciting by using the right hook sentences. But ensure it is specific and relates to the topic. The primary challenge with most introductions is that they are broad, uninteresting and appears a bit too formal. And such write-ups will make it difficult for readers to develop an interest in your paper.

    That said if you are writing a narrative essay introduction, use a hook sentence that is captivating an interesting. It should also reflect the topic you are writing on. Let’s say you are writing on the topic “How I learned to cook.”You can use opening lines like

    Statistics show that 75% of female learn how to cook from their parent’s house before they turn 25 years of age.

  3. Introduce the topic
  4. The topic introduction is paramount. Your readers need to know the primary focus of your paper to determine if reading it will benefit them. But, if you are having problems writing a captivating introduction, get a good essay introduction example. There are tons of them online, but request one from a professional writer whether paid or free sample.

    Steps to note down

    • Make an outline of points you need to mention while introducing the topic. An essay way to do this is to think of things to discuss in this paragraph to help readers understand the direction of your paper.
    • Make topic introduction brief and easy to recall.
  5. Focus on your thesis statement
  6. The thesis statement tells your readers what your paper is trying to portray. It serves as the binding force that holds your introduction together. This mini outline is fundamental. Thus you must put in your best. A well-written thesis statement will give a quick overview of your essay and help readers understand the point you are trying to portray.


Many students use essay introduction generator to come up with the best introduction. They understand that writing an impressive introduction will help readers develop interest and want more. It might be difficult if you are writing for the first time. But the good thing is you can find well-written samples or seek professional help to develop your knowledge on how to write the introductory part of an essay correctly.