How To Become A Proficient College Essay Writer

Writing an essay can be an overwhelming task especially when you have to maintain a stipulated format, word count and a submission deadline. If you are wondering how to write an essay under these circumstances, then here are some practical advices which will help you.

Topic selection

The success of your essay will depend largely on the topic you select. Select your topic according to –

  1. Your interest.
  2. Your knowledge or experience.
  3. Topicality of the issue.
  4. Relevance of the issue.
  5. Availability of information and resources.

It is also equally important that you form a point of view on the issue and address that in the essay. A preliminary research will help you in this regard.


Proper detailed research will help to expand on your idea and get support for it. while researching document all the relevant information and sources for proper citation. While researching look for.

  1. The present state of the topic.
  2. The topic as it appeared in other publication.
  3. The history of the topic and its evolution.
  4. Issues related to your topic and their explanations.
  5. If there are any theories and assumptions on your topic.

Writing the essay

If you are not confident about your writing and time is at premium then you might consider help with your writing. If you select you topic and do the research required for writing then a capable assignment help would be your best option to produce a superior paper. There are various ways and places you can get writing help.

The web

The internet is the best place to find an essay writing service. They pose the easiest option where you fill in your requirements, pay the fees and take delivery of the essay within the specified time. However finding the right custom writing service can be tedious without a reference. To ensure quality at the right price, you will have to go through the reviews and testimonials as well as strike a bargain with the customer care executive of the service.


Classifieds sites on the net and newspapers list individuals who write for money. They might be easier to work with as you can contact the person, check earlier writings and fix a deal. If most of the work is done in your essay, you can also opt for an essay typer, who will type your essay in the proper format for submission.

Working professionals

Working professionals in the field related to your topic can also be your writer. They might contribute valuable field experience if your topic demands it. However finding someone to spend time and energy on your paper can be tough.

Academic institutions

College essays are academic writing but if you require more technical inputs then scholars and researchers associated with institutions dealing with the subject of your topic can be a great choice. They definitely can lift your essay to a higher level but you will have to find the right person.

Personal contacts and social media

Networking online and in the real world can produce amazing results. With the proliferation of social media, there is a fair chance that you will meet the perfect writer for your essay.

You can find an essay writer from many sources – the web, newspaper or from your friends, but selecting the right agency or person requires a solid judgment on your part. Start early, consider and compare all options before you click the ‘write my essay ‘button.